Meditation Experiences

Achieving focus, concentration, restful sleep and all such are all symptoms

All my life I have been adding so many attachments to myself. Some have become so difficult to abandon. This meditation has taught me that I can be free and become part of the Universe while I am still alive.
I joined the Meditation Centre in March with a view to improve my personal effectiveness. This is recommended by many Corporate leaders, most of whom I had looked up to in my years’ informal employment. I turned 50 last week on Thursday. My journey into Meditation took an interesting twist when I learned through the instructors that the end was to become the Universe. They encouraged me in my earlier days to read books after each meditation session. Alas! That opened up my understanding that the process was a life calling beyond what those Corporate Mentors guided. It was about becoming Complete! Becoming Universe Mind! Achieving focus, concentration, restful sleep and all such are all symptoms during the process. As I continue to meditate and advance level to level, I have come to appreciate the importance of this process. In my quest to become the Universe mind, I have come out of my shell to appreciate other religions. I have come to understand and appreciate how our picture world confines us and makes us rigid, guarding viciously that which we have recorded from childhood, and being impervious to that which we don’t know, that which we did not record! I have a testimony from Meditation Centers in other countries that I truly would like to be ultimately Complete! Universe Mind! As I conformed to level 4, it became even more clear how each one of you pursuing this quest are all like me, you are me and I am u. We are the Universe! The bodies I see are all pictures. Your minds and mine are getting aligned as we all pursue to align to Universe. Let’s become Complete together!

Linus / CEO / Lusaka, Zambia
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Knowing the true universe gave a good sense to my life

I started practicing meditation in 2018, by the time I started things seemed to be very tough many thoughts come in, comes out such kind of mixed thoughts about my life, by that time I didn’t realize who I was, then slowly I started to grasp the true meaning of life and Finally I realized who I’m. Meditation is a method for restraining the natural turbulence of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevent all men, of all lands, from glimpsing their true nature of Spirit. Meditation is a way of knowing the true meaning of true life and living a true and happy life.
Knowing the true universe gave me the good sense of my life and vivid meaning of true self. Meditation has served my life from many kinds of business stress, worries, anxiety, uncertainty fears and unbalance life that ends to sickness and lack of well-being. My life has been changed a lot. Fear of death and the after-life has been disappeared completely.
Acknowledging the unproductive thoughts and ineffective behavior that you’ve tried to ignore can be uncomfortable. But, stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing to proactively address bad habits through this Meditation will skyrocket your ability to create long-lasting change spiritually and physically. Because our beliefs create the kind of world we believe in. We project our feelings, thoughts, and attitudes onto the world. We can create a different world by changing our beliefs about the world. I give this testimony to inspire people who hast to take a further step towards improving their daily relationship at the workplace, and home. Please come to the place where you will unleash your true potential.

Mark / Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
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I am grateful to the universe for putting me into this great path

Meditation has changed my life drastically. Clearing my mind and helping me create room for more love and understanding for people; it is my most remarkable change. Getting to learn where I come from and where I go after living life is the most fulfilling knowledge I have learnt. My life overall has gained much more quality and I look forward to living life now more than ever. I am grateful to the universe for putting me into this great path.

Edith, College student / Nairobi, Kenya
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To date, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, have not been present in my life.

I started this Meditation in April 2018. Before I was a very hyper person, not able to sit for more than an hour at a time, especially during the day. I had a lot of things to do and to think about. Each minute, my head was filled with things I have to do and things I had to sort out. My blood pressure was also getting high even after taking medication for over 15 years. I was slowly heading into depression wondering how I will continue to live without my dear mother who had just passed on after a long illness. Things were not looking good. I met a friend who introduced me to this Meditation and I took my self in April 2018 for the introduction class. I was a bit nervous but I went and paid the monthly fee. It has been one year and about six months and without this Meditation, I would not be able to deal with what the universe has sent my way. The passing of my dear mother, moving from a house I lived for 10 years and being retrenched from a place I worked for 4 years. Before this Meditation, I would have not handled all these changes or emotions very well. I would have had a lot of fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. To date, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, have not been present in my life. My blood pressure has not only been controlled but has come down, my weight has reduced and my face HAS BECOME BRIGHTER. I am very, very, and truly, grateful to this method, all the helpers.

Helinah / Nairobi, Kenya
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Happiness is to be free from the anxiety, worry, and stress

By doing this meditation I started to understand that Happiness is to be free from the anxiety, worry,
and stress and to be free from this mental prison. Then you get True freedom.
After meditation, I feel like I’m born again in the true land of happiness. Even my challenges I can get
through them easily. If you truly do this meditation, your world will completely change and you will
succeed in your life.
My ultimate wish is for every person in this world to do this meditation and to change their life so we
can all live truly together.

Samuel, Marketing and Sales Manager / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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My mind clutter has disappeared

My name is Kevin and I have been attending this meditation for three weeks. For the time period attended I have seen tremendous change in my life. My mind clutter has disappeared and I have since increased focus and clarity of both work and general life issues. I find myself making insightful decisions while choosing how I react to situations in a very calm manner. I am always positive about anything and I find myself succeeding through embracing a mentality of nothing is impossible since I am the Universe and possess all energy within it. It has given a boost to my confidence levels. I am learning a different way of thinking. I will continue with meditation to the end until I have become Truth. I would highly recommend anyone to join me and others in this journey to become Truth by attending lessons at the Meditation Center,
I am so grateful for this method.

Kevin / Kampala, Uganda
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I am happy, glad, grateful, and blessed to have gone through this course

Before I came to the Meditation Center, I struggled with Severe Anxiety….even in the past…. it had been my personal struggle for years. I was put on prescription drugs for my anxiety. I was literally the most negative person you could ever think of. I believed all my negative thoughts, but as per now, with the help of this wonderful method from this meditation, I am happy, glad, grateful, and blessed to have gone through this course. It has impacted and changed my mind entirely forever. I now know how to discard and control my thoughts, to meditate and relax my mind. To replace the negatives with positives.
I carried a lot of stress before I came to the center. My contract at my workplace had expired. I had anxiety for what to do next but with the help of my daily meditation and practice at home, I then knew if I kept somewhat positive, the universe would find a way. I decided to complete the course during my free time and period as I was away from work. Lucky enough for me… after some time I got called back to my job and was told my contract had been renewed. Woooow the universe indeed took care of it.
Helpers from the center always reminded me how the Power of the Center was always stronger if you came to it every day… and indeed it was… and I tried my best to come to the center when I got free time.
I would gladly recommend my friends, family, and anyone out there to give meditation a try because of how positively it affected my life.
I will forever be grateful to the founders of this meditation.

Pearl / Kampala, Uganda
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The method is very, very simple

I have been in the process of seeking who I really am and why I exist. The older I become, the more my search intensifies. I have searched from various perspectives but none of these perspectives have told me about the need to subtract from myself. Instead, from these perspectives, I was taught to add and keep adding. It had become a burden to keep adding; the burden came in the form of stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, frustration, and bitterness. These led to unproductivity and sickness. In trying to discover myself, I came across various sources, some of them very expensive and inaccessible. From these sources, I was told to let go of my past, to make positive affirmations, etc. However, these sources did not provide me with the method, I kept searching…

Amidst my searching, I stumble on this meditation more than ready to support me on the self-discovery journey. The method is very, very simple. I begin, and because I am desperate to find a solution I am committed to use the method, Indeed, the method is simple, like a child, believe it has happened. I also realized there is a lot of energy at the Center, and although I stay far from the Center, I need to come there and tap into that Energy.
Before I even complete Level 1, I realize how my past thoughts have held me a prisoner of myself without me knowing it. I have been heaping picture after picture of myself since birth and not capable of deleting these. These have shaped my thought life. Unfortunately, most of the thought pictures represent the unhappy me. At worst I have blamed other people and circumstances. The method is working miracles in my life. I now live without my past thought pictures, I feel lighter ad radiant. I have started Level 2, which is even more exciting…..

I now know that I am the only one who can define and determine my life with the help of the Great Universe. Now that I know of the very simple method of discarding my human mind, I definitely want to complete all the levels and become complete to be able to co-exist with others in Heaven on earth.
I am so grateful for this method.

Pros / Kampala, Uganda
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I am so grateful :-)

Today I write this testimony out of gratefulness for what this meditation meant to me…I am so grateful that I do not have any clutter and plenty of thoughts in my mind anymore…I feel empty and light…I see the difference between the human mind and the Truth and realize that what I was searching for my whole life I received and is about to receive completeness. I manage now to do everything in much more aliveness and consciousness. Thank you so much

Karin / Business owner/ Pretoria, South Africa
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I feel ” I can do it”

I used to pray and wish for things to suit my way. My focus was on doubting and wandering, but it is not anymore. I feel ” I can do it”.
I trust the Universe and it is taking care of me. Solutions in my daily life come easily without any worries.


Veronica / Pretoria, South Africa
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