Meditation Experiences

I feel ” I can do it”

I used to pray and wish for things to suit my way. My focus was on doubting and wandering, but it is not anymore. I feel ” I can do it”.
I trust the Universe and it is taking care of me. Solutions in my daily life come easily without any worries.

Veronica / Pretoria, South Africa
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At some point in life, I impulsively became aware that most of human actions are informed by false impressions. I doubted many of what I was made to believe since childhood as reality.
With the hope to find the basis for my random suspicions, I engaged fully in academic advancement in philosophy and global affairs. Instead of finding a clear answer to my random suspicions about truth, I became self-centered and developed resentment for past experiences.
Everyone else was wrong except myself. These feelings increased my ego even more; I used force in everything that I perceived to be wrong. I did not face any discussion, argument, or disagreement with the intention to find common ground. I had one mission in mind, to win at all cost.

After a few months of meditation, I realized that I had been living in an illusionary world and have been dictated to by pictures. Since I had accumulated so many pictures, they were in full control of everything I said and every action I took. I tactlessly felt vulnerable and believed that I needed to protect and defend myself all the time.

While meditating, my concept of life changed. I became aware that life is not as bad as I made it to be; that people are not as harsh as my false mind made me believe for a long time. Through the change, my behavior and how I relate to other people changed for the better. I handle differences better, I relate to others in an improved, pleasant and reciprocal mode than before, yet it is a work in progress.
I am grateful for the method.

Thank you!

Lunga Dweba, Metaphysician, Pretoria, South Africa

Lunga Dweba / Pretoria, South Africa
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